2018 Tools & Resources

There’s a big opportunity for tech companies to increase
the number of women entering tech. These resources can help.

Tech companies want to drive solutions that close the gender gap. These tools and resources can be
put into action immediately to increase their impact, reach, and return on investment.

Inclusion Checklist

Companies can use this tool in discussions with grantees and in designing their own diversity initiatives to ensure that programs are designed with the specific needs of Black, Latina, and Native American women and girls in mind.

Strategy Diagnostic Toolkit

Making difficult strategic trade-offs involves honest conversations about what to prioritize. The questions in this toolkit will help tech companies plan for and have those conversations.

Tech Action Opportunities

Research identified five actions that can make a significant difference in closing the gender gap. Companies can use this information to design or strengthen their strategies.

Metrics Dashboard

This tool describes key indicators companies and their grantees can use to help determine what’s working across the CSR and philanthropic programs.