About the CEO

Dwana Franklin-Davis

Chief Executive Officer

Dwana joins Reboot Representation after 13 years at Mastercard. As the CEO of Reboot Representation, Dwana is passionate about bringing together a strong collective to tackle the issue of underrepresented women (Black, Latinas, and Native American) graduating with computing degrees. She is confident that, together, we will increase the percentages of underrepresented women in the computing workforce.

During her tenure at Mastercard, she had the opportunity to contribute to leading-edge efforts as a senior software engineer, and lead innovative projects and teams as she ascended through various leadership roles. Dwana identifies with the challenges of being an underrepresented woman in tech and has been successful despite those challenges.

As a founding member of MasterCard’s Leveraging Employees of African Descent (LEAD) Business Resource Group, Dwana served on its steering committee from 2008 – 2011. She enjoyed being a mentor, coach and sponsor to numerous employees across the global organization, as well as others outside the company. Dwana has a true passion for enabling environments to be more diverse and inclusive, and empowering everyone to thrive in them. Prior to joining MasterCard, Dwana held IT positions with IBM and the May Department Stores Companies.

Dwana is based in New York City and holds a BS in Management from Purdue University, a Master’s of Information Management from Washington University in St. Louis, and a Certificate in Project Management from Washington University in St. Louis.